Reiki and stress

The effectiveness of reiki in combating stress

Reiki healing has been the rage in the recent times due to the excellent results it produced for a whole array of its recipients. Reiki is an alternative healing method which employs the manipulation of energies in its healing process. Read on to know how reiki can be used to relieve stress.

Why stress happens?

Before going for a treatment method it is important to know why stress is developed in the first place. Successful diagnosis of the cause can help in ensuring successful treatment and recovery. In the recent times stress is seen as a number 1 psychological problem that is plaguing humanity. It has many origins such as pressure from the family, deadlines at work, financial stress and stress resulting from any chronic health ailments. So if the underlying reason is an easily avoidable external factor then try to eliminate the reason and see if your stress subsides. No matter what you do, if your stress doesn’t show any signs of improvement, then you can give reiki a try. Energy healing techniques like reiki has become the hallmark of mental illnesses resulting from the pressures of life. There are countless records and testimonials ascertaining the benefits of reiki healing.

How reiki heals stress?

Every human body has a natural mechanism to heal itself regularly. But when things go out of hand, then body starts showing giving out some signs that we normally refer to as symptoms of a condition. The natural healing capabilities of the body are sourced by the universal energies present in everybody’s body by default. But as a result of various external and internal factors the energy pathways in the body are blocked and as a result the flow of energy is disturbed. It is this disturbance that facilitates the aggravation of various physical and mental ailments like stress and prevents the body from healing itself.

People suffering from ailments have unbalanced energy and this is where reiki comes into the picture. Reiki healers replenish the energy of the individuals and unblock the flow of energy. This process enables a person to pass into states of deep relaxing and calmness. It is due to this soothing effect that the stress of a person totally vanishes after a reiki session. Moreover all the muscles and organs are also significantly relaxed in a reiki session. By relieving stress and anxiety in a patient, the chances of depression are also curbed. In addition, reiki is also poised with other benefits such as

  • Clearing toxins in the body
  • Improving the mind-body coordination
  • Promoting clarity of thoughts
  • Enhancing peace of mind
  • Making the immune system strong

Manic depression to a certain extent can be cured through Reiki too.

Reiki self-treatment

Besides approaching a reiki healer one can also do reiki self-treatment day in and day out, to relieve themselves from stress. This self-treatment can be performed once in the morning after you wake up to commence your day with no tension. And the same process can be repeated at the end of the day to unblock and release the tension that is stored throughout the day. The process of self-treatment can be learnt from many experienced reiki practitioners. Alternatively, with the big knowledge bank as internet at your service, you can take help of the innumerable learning materials available on reiki self-treatment. As you learn to deepen the practice of self-healing you will begin to recognize the tension as soon it starts to build-up so you can release it as and when it appears. This will lead you to living a stress free life and as result enable you to become a joyful human being. For conditions like hair loss, along with the other form of treatments hair loss pills can also be tried out.