Healing with Reiki

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a process of spiritual healing which is safe, simple and natural form of treatment. Reiki involves hand movements over the body in a way that leverages healing effects in a person’s body. It helps the body to get rid of stress and tensions by making the body enter into a state of relaxation. This system of healing is a technique where energy is being transferred from one person to another in the form of massage or hand movements.

How does Reiki heal illness?

Reiki works directly in the unconscious parts of the mind and body that consist of negative thoughts and feelings and work towards obstructing them. When Reiki is performed over a sick person, the patient gets relief from the negative thoughts and feels optimistic and normal and returns to good health. It works by relieving the physical and emotional effects of unreleased stress. Due to the Reiki therapy, the unhealthy organs of the body gains nourishment thus restoring proper functioning of the organs and thereby rendering good health to the person. Symptoms of various anxiety disorder conditions can be controlled through Reiki healing.

Reiki used as a curative medicine

People usually emphasize to stay healthy rather than seeking curative remedies. Reiki works as a preventive medicine that is excellent in curing and preventing any form of illness. Reiki when performed for another person, the performer feels both the curative and the preventive abilities of Reiki. When Reiki is being carried out on a person, it cures the illness the person is suffering from. If Reiki is performed over a healthy person, it promotes good health for the person. This dual healing power for Reiki, i.e. the preventive and curative abilities is what makes Reiki unique from other forms of treatments.

Reiki treatment to cure common illness

Reiki is being taken as a full body treatment by many people in case they have any illness or medical problems in their body. Treating specific points that are connected to the organs in the body or focusing the hand movements towards the energy blockage (because of which a problem is being caused) produces a much better result.

Hand positions of Reiki

Like acupuncture points and the eastern way of healing diseases, Reiki too displays fabulous results through hand movements over the specific points on the body for a specific problem. Usually Reiki is being practiced over the body in sections of body parts/ positions such as head, body, legs and the back portion of the body. Each body part when undergoes Reiki therapy, feels a different sensation and gets the damaged organ or the ailments thoroughly healed.

Promoting health with Reiki

Reiki works as both curative and preventive form of medicine. Each of these qualities can be better understood with its two simple principles: cleansing of the meridians and the balancing of the chakras. It lets us free from all sorts of illness and diseases. Further it assists us to grow emotionally strong, increase our mentally ability and strengthens us physically. A unique Reiki feature is its ability to promote good health in a person by spiritually working over the body. This way, we receive the absolute benefits of Reiki and have good health leading an illness-free living.

Prevent contagious diseases through Reiki

When diseases attack certain parts of the body, Reiki is implied to the body by producing energy to the affected body parts. If the flow of energy in the body and the meridians are at block, then illness prevails. When Reiki is used as a treatment option for curing the disease, it cleanses the meridians, promotes energy and makes the person stay healthy.

Diseases that can be healed by Reiki

Reiki is considered to be a complementary system. People should understand that Reiki is not an alternative medicine. Reiki therapy helps to cure complicated illness in a person and promotes adequate flow of energy in the body. Treating chronic diseases by combining Reiki along with Homeopathy medicine, will yield best results in a person in curing the illness.