Guide to Reiki therapy Guide to Reiki therapy is specially developed to spread information about the unique potential of Reiki therapy, thereby enabling people to be aware about the wonderful effects of it. Through our in-house experts on Reiki therapy, we intend to bring to light the positive healing potential of Reiki therapy, and the medical conditions that can be treated through it. In fact, we call it as an alternative medicine for many medical ailments. foresees itself as a leading online portal from where all information pertaining to Reiki therapy can be had without any hassles. We would suggest this therapy to people affected of severe stress conditions, as the nature of relief experienced is long-lasting, thus empowering a person to perform the day-to-day functioning without hardships.Research is also afoot to understand the importance of reiki in alcoholism treatment program is ready to assist people affected of various medical ailments by highlighting the impact Reiki therapy can bring in their lives by enabling them to recuperate effectively. Furthermore, our Reiki trainers offer exclusive insights about the nature of healing a person can experiencing upon undergoing the therapy. We specialize in healing infections, pain management, containing prostate cancer and controlling stress symptoms. In fact, we do offer some health tips and healthy living recipes.

Reiki Therapy

What is Reiki Therapy?

Reiki therapy, otherwise referred to as Palm healing or hands-on-healing traces its roots to the Japanese culture. Overall body healing is guaranteed through this therapy as it reduces the stress levels and relaxes the body. This form of therapy was developed by a Japanese Buddhist monk in the year 1992. This therapy is deprived of side effects and that’s going to be one of its best uniqueness. Acknowledged as a pseudoscience, the medium of this therapy is by laying the practitioners palm on the individual in need of healing. It is a belief that by placing the palms, an unforeseen positive energy is passed on to the sufferer’s body, which indeed heals a person.Of late, there are a plenty Alzheimers Treatment options at disposal in the form of websites.

Reiki and HIV

Though not scientifically proved, Reiki therapy is supposed to offer some crucial reprieve from HIV symptoms. Generally, people affected of HIV battle with severe chronic pain which in turn stresses the affected individual a lot thereby paralyzing their daily functioning. According to Reiki experts, people affected of HIV medical condition when underwent Reiki therapy were able to successfully come out of the psychological distress, which if not would have proved fatal in their lives. However, those experiencing HIV like symptoms should undergo HIV tests before opting for Reiki therapy, so as to ascertain the severity of the medical condition. Reike therapy can predominatly be used for relieving different types of stress that haunt people.

Reiki Therapy

The role of Reiki therapy in controlling stress

According to the beliefs of Reiki, a person’s mental well-being is dependent on the life force energy. Reiki practitioners claim that on all circumstance, the level of life force energy should be optimum. Any drop in this energy levels act as a stimulant for stress, the consequence effect of which a person starts reeling under high levels of anxiety. The general belief is that, Reiki induces light energy into the body through which the negative energy and thoughts are flushed out completely. Flushing out the unwanted worries, and pessimistic thoughts reduces the stress levels and free a person from anxiety.

Reiki Therapy

Healing Prostate cancer with Reiki therapy

Off late, complementary and alternative medicines (CAM) has emerged as the new means of treating prostate cancer. Reiki therapy is one such CAM along with Acupuncture that has grabbed the eye balls of those in the scientific world merely because of its positive effects in controlling the symptoms of prostate cancer. The course of this therapy is done by placing of palms lightly on the body, which in turn enhances the flow of positive energy into the body. Augmentation of life energy will alleviate the post-surgical pain that is triggered in prostate cancer affected individuals. Even with the help of pain medication such as Soma, the post surgical pain can be reduced.

Reiki Therapy

Reiki Healing Infections

Through there is no empirical evidence to prove the working mechanism of this therapy, Reiki offers completely healing from infections. There are many wonderful testimonies attested to this fact. The trainer places the hands on the affected region and infuses life energy into it. This specific act kills the infection causing bacteria, viruses or other microorganisms, and upon which a holistic healing can be experienced. However, this therapy can be performed only by individuals who are trained in it. The effectiveness of the treatment by and large tend to vary depending on the health condition of a person and the response to treatment.

Reiki Therapy

Reiki for Pain Management

Through clinical trials performed on patients benefitted out of Reiki, the effectiveness of this therapy has been determined to an extent. Reiki therapy is highly effective in controlling the pain sensations that is caused as a result of cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiation. Elderly individuals dealing with joint pain should be extra cautious on the treatment plan and figure out its efficacy before undergoing it. The flow of energy is being channelized in the most effective manner, which in turn contains stress fatigue and pain symptoms. For cancer related pain, Reiki therapy is the best option. Generally, for treating body pain the patient is asked to lie down on a massage table. Upon which, the palm of the practitioner is placed on or over the various body parts right from the head. However, the exact mechanism of energy flow is hard to decipher. Also called as distance healing, Reiki practitioners make tall claims of healing patients from severe pain symptoms just from a distant vicinity. During the course of therapy, the muscles are relaxed and any blockage in the flow of energy levels are cleared, thus offering absolute relief from pain. However, pain at times can also lead to stress and evenutally causes a person to start binge eating making them overweight in no time. In such conditions where fast weight loss is needed, one can opt fot triactive laser treatment to shed their excess weight and focus on living their life stress free.

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